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Silk Road Representative Images

SGP -  KL - Shanghai Latitude 31.2N, Longitude 121.4 E  - Urumqi

Keyword Starry sky, Sunrise surrendered charger bank

WE flew China Eastern Airline flight from KL to Shanghai . Earlier on we arrived from SGP .  For the 5 hrs flight I have a window seat and the plane headed North. Some hours into the flight I peeped out.  The sky was clear, moonless and full of stars. Orion was out in full splendor with Sirius hugging the wings. To reduce in-cabin light reflections I covered my head and  window with my fleece jacket. No camera with me and not prepared for time exposure. Milkyway was not in this position.  So dawn came and i watched the eastern horizon brightening up short a few frames showing the fore wing silvering line against the horizon.

Night flight and getting into early morning when we arrived in Shanghai. The flight path cut across a little of S Vietnam, Laos exited Northern Vietnam, over Hainan before re entering coastal China.   
Predawn morning , Sun  coming out soon as we cruise North East  towards Shanghai.  

IT was a mad rush from Shanghai as we need to check out the luggage into domestic flight to Urumqi. Didn't realized one of  three charger banks was 22000 mAHr.  No choice i have to  surrender. We were already late for the domestic flight. IF not been Sheparded through the process we would have missed this flight.

Urumqi - 43.8N, 87.6 E  We are sharing the same long as SriLanka and as north as the Capsian Sea.
Urumqi is at the Northern China. Longitude wise is like in Nepal. 

When my window seat  passenger gone for the loo break i took over the empty seat and shot a few shoots. Snowy peak as we fly into Urumuqi with snow apparently covered only on the wind swept  side of the mountain.

Keywords: Busing, Xinjiang Autonomous Region Museum desert air dried mummies, Remnin Park, Hongshan Park,  Grand Bazaar -  Strange fruits and nuts in the bazaar and the ladies busy with bangles nuts and etc.

Paddles boat at Renmin Park

Willow that beasr fruit - a first time observation for me

Quenched our thirst by eating cool melon
Build like a mosque but isn't.

The bazaar

Red willow branch skewed lambs to be BBQ
Pumpkins ?
Xinjiang yields quite a number of strange looking plant products. Surprisingly one of them I have seen in SBG years ago. While we have tongkat ali from Malaysia they have theirs too.

Another aphrodiziac 

At Remnin  Park the entrance had notices of certain attire and T-shirt design are NOT allowed. Security is strict and tight everywhere - body and items scanners.

Learn the tree's name were chuang tian.  The group had abandon us and we wait and wait finally make out way to Huongshan Park on foot.

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Tianchi  Heaven Lake 42.01 128.06 

Snowy mountain
Layered mountain and distance snowy peaks
WE notice on the cable car up there are patches of colors. Some trees are already changing their foliage color - P900 zoomed in and confirmed. The coniferous stays green.

Urumuqi to Tian Chi by bus.
Our Yuk is not too far from the Tian Chi Lake - this google map actually resolve the round Yurks images
Tian Chi ( heavenly lake)

Maya Mountain - here already 3000 metre.  A cable car ride brought you here and long long stairs awaiting for you. WE ran out of time and have to turn back.

Dawn arrived. Moon was out. The group of 20 plus occupied two Yurks - it was cold at night as the stoves were not used. It was not winter yet. I spent most of the night under the stars. Moon set at 1:00 and the Milky Way was splendid outside.

Pleiades ( 7 sister) rising in the East with distant peaks.
Milky Way and me - Foreground was illuminated by a wave of torch light.

- intrigue by the Ursa Minor that I never got  a chance to see in Tropical Singapore and my last recollection in California or Pennsylvania were hazy.
The first day of arrival we were introduced to the Yurk's  Russian owner who brought us to two Yurks - one for the couples and the other for the single. Lunch were served underneath tents beside the Yurks. Toilets were a far distance from the Yurk and you can guess where we all go pee in the dead of the night with sub 10 temperature.

We were forewarned there are two places we need to properly clothe - Tianchi and HeXi .

Onto Turpan - bus going through Urumqi again.

Karez well maintenance work
Aerial view of the karez well system
Turpan - JiaoHe , Karez well
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Daheyan - train to Dunhuang LiuYuan Station.  ( I dont have a rail map )

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Silk Road China Sep 8 - Sep 28 2016

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pulling selection editing fotos out from a 20 Day trip will be challenging

SUNRISE enroute from Singapore to Shanghai

Starry night from my window seat - i covered the perplex window with my fleece sweater and i could like Orion rising.  Then towards dawn I have a marvelous view of the brightening eastern horizon.

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Camel Ride, Sand dunes slide,  Propeller-driven glider, Speedboat, local bus,  taxi, 300km train slept on train, Milkyway spot Polaris, cable cars ride, sunrise in train,  walk on thin air -

DAY 1 - Urumqi

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at mongolian
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