Sunday, 25 June 2017

Tioman Dragon's Horns ( Nenek semukut)


Dragon horns, bats,waterfalls, watersprout ( tornado), Milkyway from Jetty, sunsets, Giant granite rock, big Squirrel, Beaches...edible wild berries 


- TRek from Kg Kenting to Paya - just follow the power cable line
- Milkyway shooting at Jetty
- Chill off with beers on Jetty late night
- CLimb up to CP9 
- Asah Waterfalls
- Eat eat eat.. walk walk walk

I once saw a twin toothed peak from Sri Ganda resort beach - one of the best dark sky site in Peninsula in Mersing. 

Internet search then indicated the Toiman's Dragon's Horn can be reached. SO after many months we went wielding trekking poles instead of snorkeling gears...Surprisingly there are plenty of things to see and photography land-based alone.
Mersing Town 

After a two hrs ferry crossing we arrived at the first drop off point - Kampung Kenting 
Kg Kenting street scene

We found bunches of Grapes !!
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Smelly bean - Petai fruits like lightbulbs

Our unit with a hammock and a pondok with fan

Tree with burnt out centre

Lovely sunset glow

Hike from Kg Kenting to Paya - 2 hrs walk one way.  We were told there are nice chinese food there.

Faces and a narrow hole for you to stoop and squeeze through
No harm trying my supernatural strength...

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This squirrel ate the flowers too

Much larger than the squirrel we found in Mainland. I saw one of them leap from one tree to another tree below with big vertical drop

Tiny 'durian' like fruit of casuarina tree

Near Paya - the tracker is unloading crates of Heineken  Beer from the flat-bottom ferry

Sunset glow and tummy rumbling...

Kg Kenting - nice chinese food here

Steam pomp fret , two crabs and butter cream prawns all for RM $175 
Milkyway with internal reflections due to particles on lens giving it a unique look

Shooting from the KG Kenting Jetty trying to avoid glaring lights. One lamp pole's light is not working so i have to park myself there. 
Ursa Major and lightning in the low horizon

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Was looking at sunset then heard high pitch streaking sound from behind. Two trees were full of the hanging-upside 'tent's. BATS!!

TO reach the saddle point we need to take a hired speedboat RM$300 to Simuku Hill View

This is the return path from GPS. THe elevation plot below reflects the continuous slope as we cut across contour lines

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Our guide is very knowledgeable in plants. We tasted sweet berries, leaves ....
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GPS elevation plot coming down of the hill
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This is the end of the narrow ledge couldn't go any further
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Our guide/boat man jumps into the sea and swims to his boat anchored a distance from the Jetty. The waterfall is another shot boatride from Semukuk Hill View

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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Epic sun set - May 12 2017


With upper clouds illuminated
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Pink clouds
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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Taiwan - April 2017

Under construction

TAIWAN  ( 18 - 26 Apr 2017) 


IN a break of my tradition , this trip does not involved Mountain trekking nor night sky photography. Its a lets-go-see what they have.

Day 1 - Have a glimpse of the early dawn sky from plane.  A neat dark blue color brightening but there are No way to take any picture as we were seated away from the window.  Arriving early in the morning @ Tauyuan T1 5:30am most shops arent open yet. So we didn't manage to see any airport shops for local SIM cards. But we bought store value card for TWD100 and added TWD300 each at a convenient store. Took train to Taipei and the there is an underpass to the Hotel was very near to the huge Taipei Main Station.

In Taiwan the hotel check in time is  3pm and check out time is 11 am. So we left the luggage in the care of hotel and arranging ad-hoc tour from hotel. We settled on  a 6 hrs tours to visit Yehliu Geo park (x4 hrs) to see the famous Queen's head and as well as the nearby YangMingShan Park (x2) hrs. TWD3000.  A taxi driver turns up in time. Then hunting for something to eat. 
The sea around Yehliu

Yehliu outcrop of mushroom shaped rocks

The iconic Queen's Head -  wind eroded mushroom head. Not sure why i came to know about this when i was still a boy.

Waiting for the crowd to clear and shot this before the lady fully emerges.

Landscape there

Looks smaller and fragile than we had thought. In fact the figure is so popular that clone models of the Queen's head were erected not far from entrance to 'shorten' the queue for taking pictures.  Ugly jump queue incidents had happened before from neighboring country tourists. It was a week day so not too many people there.

The chicken drumstick

Closer look at the conical shape 'mountain'  topped with a central peak
General view of the protrusion into the sea

Monks marvel at the nature's creations. The painted red line is ' no cross' zone and there are park rangers keeping watch and blowing the whistle to warn tourist not to climb or touch the stones. 

A thin crust of eroded pieces remain

The floral clock of Yangmingshan ( not served by bus 108 but 206). We visited by taxi on a raining day but on the last day we revisited this place with better weather.

Take bus 108 to go round Yangmingshan attraction sites. We took Red5 from Taipei Main Station to Yangmingshan visitor centre. THe queue that morning was super long as the same bus serves several school and colleges and students have priority.

Sea view Yehliu

Season is over for cherry blossom but some still there 

Heavy rain soon followed and the SUV driver  waiting for us to finish our lunch.  WIld green vegetable, smelly bean and rice 

We hit this as our first spot. Yes must go see hissing steam  and  hot bubbling water. 
General view of the volcanic activities

Sulphur at the blow hole. P900 zoomed in for the sulfur pool details see below.

Yellow sulfur condensate 

Like a face in the ground spilling toxic gases

Milk Ponds due to volcanic composition and see the house top right for scale comparison.

Pill Box for shells? Zoomed in view instead of doing the actual hike there. Grass pastures for cow.

THe long long walk if you  wanted in Quintiankang .  No cows were spotted. 

A bit soft as it was drizzling and my filter lens fog up from inside

Another one. Yet to ID. 

Saw this couple so take a peep shot of the interesting expression. 

Jianshi water falls - the 2nd last station . We missed the first round because they use the Chingshan as station name. So we go one more round and dropped off two stations.  Bus fare charges on boarding the bus. When you board the bus there is a plague on top lit up either  'IN' or  'OUT' . 

Like the elevation plot or Clinomatric maps
Saw this processions in Shilin Night market 

Wrapped with glutinous rice - feel full after consuming one.
At Shifen lantern releasing activities on the train track

I co-add three shots of a fallen lantern and stack them freehand via Helicon Focus which embedded a water-mark on the lower left hand corner

Cucu train coming. 
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Korean ladies releasing hot air lantern

Shifen train terminal - note a failed lantern hung on the ledge
Narrow street and shops 
Rails signalling stuff looks interesting

Sunrise Taipei 3rd day after two days incessant rain

CHiaYi > Alishan

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